The 8 Most Popular MLM Companies on the Internet

If you visit social media websites or spend much time with friends or family, chances are good that you’ve been invited to a “home party” for some type of business. The products at these parties may vary, depending on your age and social circle, but the parties have one thing in common: they are all multi-level marketing (MLM) programs.

For anyone considering a home-based business, today’s MLM companies are a tempting option. Are they worth the investment of time and money? Does anyone actually make any money? Can you believe the Facebook hype? Which companies are actually legitimate businesses?

An interesting trend is emerging in the MLM sphere: people are spending big money in the pursuit of beauty and longevity through healthy living. While no one can guarantee the success of any MLM, it is worth exploring the potential of these top contenders in the MLM business. The secret to a successful business of any kind is to find a product or service that you believe in and can get behind. As in any type of sales, the MLM model is based on building a relationship with customers and relies on testimonials and success-stories. Using the products yourself is a great way to find out if any of these companies may be the business you’ve been looking for.

The following is a list of the top eight MLM companies, based on public interest (as indicated by Internet searches):


Image courtesy Kayleigh | Flickr

One of the oldest MLM operations around, Avon was founded in 1886 as a perfume company. Today, Avon is the leading home-based business with annual sales of $11.3 billion and more than 6.5 million sales associates globally selling Avon apparel, jewelry, and beauty supplies to friends and neighbors. While its revenues appear to be dropping in recent years, the company still casts a big shadow in the MLM world.


Propelled by the fitness craze, Beachbody earns $400 million in annual sales for its workout videos and accompanying eating plans. Its products like Insanity and P90X have become part of America’s health-oriented consumer lexicon. In addition to their exercise videos, the company offers protein shakes, nutrition supplements, and online support groups that tout the Beachbody lifestyle. Members can also sign up with a “coach” who explains the Beachbody methods and markets its products.

Young Living Essential Oils

Another healthy lifestyle company, Young Living is an essential oil pioneer. The company owns every aspect of its business—from the fields where it harvests its products to the plants where it bottles them. While other companies have tried to imitate its success, Young Living has set the standard for bringing essential oils to consumers.

dōTERRA International

A newcomer to the MLM business world, dōTERRA has followed in Young Living’s footsteps in the essential oil industry. With thousands joining its network, many would argue that it has improved upon the YL model. Members host therapeutic oil meetings and supply their customers with homeopathic solutions for health concerns. Both Young Living and dōTERRA have surpassed $1 billion in sales globally.

Rodan & Fields

rodan and fields logoThe doctor team of Rodan & Fields, who created the Proactive acne product, started this MLM company to appeal to customers looking for anti-aging treatments. Quickly skyrocketing to $330 million in revenue, the company is enjoying a flood of positive social media posts showing before/after pictures and glowing customer testimonials. In addition to the promise of younger-looking, healthier skin, the company offers money-back guarantees and a variety of how-to videos.

AdvoCare International

Another giant in the MLM industry, AdvoCare boasts several distinct product lines, including sports-nutrition, skin-care and weight-control products, resulting in over $500 million in sales. Name recognition, marketing prowess, and celebrity spokesmen have all helped to grow this healthy lifestyle company.

Mary Kay

Another well-known and beloved MLM company, Mary Kay has been a leader in the beauty products industry since its founding in 1963. While maintaining a sales force of 3.5 million, the company has kept up with the times, winning awards for its website and social media efforts. Despite the addition of other players in the market, Mary Kay, with its signature pink Cadillac, has remained an icon in its field.

Herbalife International of America

Founded in 1980, Herbalife is a global firm with over $5 billion in sales of nutrition, personal care, and weight-loss products. Promoting healthy living through nutrition and exercise, Herbalife paved the way for other supplement-based companies to follow.