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Work from Home Anywhere in the World

When most people think about working from home, they imagine setting up a home office in a spare bedroom or converting a corner of their dining room into a conference room. They envision holding meetings at a local coffee shop and using print shops to handle their marketing needs. However, a different type of work-at-home environment is emerging, thanks to the global reach of the Internet and a growing acceptance of telecommuting.

Today’s work-from-home employee is no longer bound to his or her home. With nothing more than a laptop and a suitcase, entrepreneurs and adventure junkies are working their way around the world while checking items off their travel bucket list.

Depending on your skillset, background and interest, there are a variety of ways that you can make work and travel co-exist.

Join a group

worker groupIn the last few years, several companies have sprung up expressly for the purpose of helping groups of people combine work and travel. These groups are designed specifically to allow individuals (or couples) to have a place to live and work while exploring the world. Traveling with several like-minded individuals prevents participants developing a vacation mindset that can come from traveling with friends, and working with a group allows participants to have a sense of community and security as they venture into the unknown. The following are two popular companies in this field:

Remote Year—Offering 12 locations in 12 months, Remote Year promises to help those with the travel bug to work their way around the world. For a monthly fee, individuals are provided with lodging, travel and sightseeing opportunities in each country. Workspace is provided, although participants must bring their own job.

Hacker Paradise—Short-term work trips offered through Hacker Paradise may be a viable option for those who cannot commit to a long-term relocation. These trips are generally three months long, and include co-working accommodations for freelancers, tech workers, and other creative entrepreneurs.

Work in Your Field

Often, people think that they can only find work they are qualified for in their home country. In many cases, though, it is possible to work within your field in a foreign country. By searching for temporary jobs within a particular field, you can put down roots in a country, staying for months (or even years) in one place. Contact local travel agencies in the country of your choosing to discuss visa and work-permits needed or to get help finding work in-country.


photographerOne of the most popular methods of working remotely while travelling is freelancing. Becoming a freelance writer, virtual assistant, blogger, or coder can give you the flexibility regarding your location and the necessary control over the amount of work you do. Arrange your schedule to suit your needs and travel desires, and work from wherever you happen to be at the time. There are multiple freelance websites, such as UpWork, Toptal, or Elance, that can help you find work in a variety of fields.

Use Effective Tools

If you’re going to work remotely, there are numerous tools that can help you be successful, from anywhere in the world. The following are only a few of the many products available:

Dropbox—This cloud-based storage platform can be a lifesaver, particularly when you’re traveling to remote locations that may have intermittent Internet access. Use Dropbox to back up your files, thus ensuring that they are available from any device in the event your computer is lost or damaged. Another benefit of using Dropbox is the ability to share files with people even if you aren’t in front of a computer.

CityMaps2Go—Unsure of where you’re going? Download offline maps of almost every city and/or country. Search for local cafes, mark places of interest, and plan out your next move with this must-have app.

HostelWorld—One of the largest hurdles to travelling the world is finding accommodations. HostelWorld allows individuals to search for hotels and hostels with reliable Wi-Fi service, thereby ensuring that connectivity won’t be an issue and allowing you to complete your work.

myCharge Amp 6000—Depending on where (and when) you’re travelling, it may be difficult to keep your phone charged. This external battery carries enough power for several charges and will help keep your business going even when you are on the move.

There has never been a better time to work from home. Technology and forward-thinking companies have come together to enable people to work from almost any country in the world. If you’re considering starting a home-based business, you may want to look into one that lets you live a life of adventure at the same time. Dust off your passport, grab your computer, and set off to find your next job around the globe.