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5 Easy Ways to Make Money at Home with No Experience

For many people, working from home seems out of reach. A lack of start-up funds, uncertainty about the type of business to start, and concern about finding valid work opportunities keep people from making the transition from office to home. Unless you have a career that is suited to self-employment, it may be difficult to find full-time work that would enable you to quit your current job.

Instead of attempting to make an abrupt switch to a home-based business, consider starting part-time and building up both experience and clientele. The following work-at-home jobs require little-to-no experience and can help generate some extra income, even if they don’t lead to a full-time career:

Customer Service

phone agentHave a quiet home? Many companies are out-sourcing customer service calls to home-based representatives. These customer service reps handle product inquiries and assist customers with orders—all from the comfort of their home. Some positions require high-speed Internet access, a webcam or headset, and a dedicated phone line. Customer service positions can be seasonal, part time, or full time, and can vary in both hours and pay. Depending on the location and requirements of the position, employees may be required to be at their computer for specified hours of the day or available on an “as-needed” basis.

Data Entry

Work-at-home jobs can sometimes seem too good to be true. While there are numerous scams online, particularly for data entry positions, there are legitimate data entry jobs that are perfect for the work-at-home entrepreneur.

Most data entry jobs involve transcription work and require a computer with Internet access and a headset. These jobs are part time and pay is minimal, especially for beginners. To avoid being scammed, only apply to well-known companies, never pay to apply for work or buy “software packages,” and don’t give out personal, identifying information – such as Social Security Numbers or bank information – to unverified websites.

Freelance Writing

writerIf you have a way with words, freelance writing may be the perfect work-at-home opportunity. Companies hire writers to compose web content, press releases, e-books, and more. These positions are generally contracted for a set number of pieces, and pay may vary with experience and job requirements. Most jobs require a writing sample in addition to a resume, and generally have a short deadline for completion. Writers can complete multiple jobs at a time and may have a variety of topics that they can cover. Long-term contracts are available, which gives this work-at-home job the potential to become a viable source of steady income.

Micro Jobs

A perfect job for someone who likes variety in their work, micro jobs are small tasks that people can perform easily and quickly. While the work doesn’t pay much (each job usually pays less than $5 per task), freelance micro jobbers can complete multiple jobs per hour to increase their income. These jobs are not enough to sustain an income on their own, but they are a fast way to earn extra spending money.

Jobs can include verifying signage in a retail store, inspecting restrooms in a mall, or evaluating processes on a website. Most are handled through smartphone apps that require the user to take and upload pictures of completed tasks before being paid. Some of the most popular micro job sites are Fiverr, Gigwalk, Amazon Mechanical Turk, and ClickChores.

Search Engine Evaluators

google-485611_1280If you’ve used the Internet to conduct any type of search, chances are good that you’ve benefitted from the work of a search engine evaluator. In today’s Internet-driven market, when an Internet user searches for a topic, a highly complicated program returns a list of possible solutions. These solutions are generally correct, the search is completed in a matter of seconds, and the user goes on with their day.

Despite the rapidly advancing abilities of computer algorithms, mistakes can still be made. A search engine evaluator is a “quality-control” step in the search engine process. Hired by search engine companies, an evaluator must analyze both the intent of the search and the results to ensure that the possible solutions are relevant, spam free, and timely. These jobs are highly competitive, may require a college degree, and can pay $15-17 per hour. Most search engine evaluator positions are part time, although there are some full-time jobs available.

Whether you’re looking for full-time work at home or simply want to generate some extra income, these work-at-home positions may be just what you need. Even if one type of work isn’t the right fit for you, with so many opportunities to work from home, you’re sure to find one that will meet your expectations. The secret to finding fulfilling work at home is to be realistic about both your needs and your ability to generate income.