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11 Companies That Want People to Work at Home

programmingA simple Google search for work-at-home jobs leads to thousands of results, many of which turn out to be scams. To avoid being taken by fraudsters, experts recommend using legitimate employment sites, verifying company information, and refusing to pay out of pocket for job opportunities. For the career-minded individual who is looking for stable employment with one company, there are legitimate companies that seek home-based employees in a variety of fields.

Unlike freelance positions, which are flexible in schedule and responsibility, work-at-home positions tend to be more permanent and follow a set schedule. The job may entail working specific hours, when employees are required to be online, or have a particular number of hours that must be covered. It may require traveling to an office location for training or occasional meetings, or it may be handled entirely over the Internet. Before accepting any position, verify with the company the job requirements and details to ensure that you are aware of the responsibilities and specific duties expected.

Looking for work as a home-based employee? Check out some of these companies that are offering employees work-at-home options.

1. Red Hat

A worldwide company, Red Hat has offices in more than 30 countries around the globe. They offer software development, data management, and collaboration tools to their clients, resulting in a variety of job opportunities for the work-at-home employee.

2. LanguageLine Solutions

As the global marketplace continues to grow, the demand for interpreters is increasing. Offering communication support through face-to-face video conferencing and over-the-phone interpreting, LanguageLine allows multilingual employees to use their skills from anywhere in the world.

3. VMware

Software and visualization service company VMware offers public, managed, and private cloud-based solutions to clients around the world. Network managers, remote programmers, and software designers all have virtual employment opportunities.

4. Wells Fargo

A banking giant based in San Francisco, Wells Fargo offers insurance, mortgage, and business services to customers around the world. They employ work-at-home representatives to assist customers and support their branch locations.

5. Achieve Test Prep

Designed for virtual learning, Achieve Test Prep offers academic support to their campuses across the country. They allow students to receive credit for coursework and mastery of skills through testing.

6. Thermo Fisher Scientific

For the individual concerned that all work-from-home jobs are fluff positions, Thermo Fisher Scientific’s biotech firm provides health and wellness products to customers around the world. A Fortune 500 company, they have offices in multiple nations.

7. WorldPay

A division of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group, Worldpay is a payment processing company that services customers via online, face-to-face, and telephony merchant accounts.

8. Haynes & Company

Providing data and investment research to equity investment and hedge fund firms, Haynes & Company offers analysis and research to clients in over 90 markets.

9. Parexel

A biopharmaceutical company, Parexel offers research, medical consulting, and technology services to the medical industry to assist in the development of therapies and medical procedures around the world.

10. Salesforce

Cloud computing is one of the newest forms of virtual solutions, and Salesforce offers every facet of cloud-based tools to its customers. Offering analytics, sales, and administrative apps, the company is supported by a large work-from-home community.

11. Dell

The computer giant offers development, sales, support, and repair for computers and their related components to retail and individual markets. Based in Texas, the company has managed to stay relevant in a rapidly changing technology market and continues to be a strong contender in the electronics field.

Wondering which fields offer the most opportunity for work-at-home employment?


medicineCompanies such as UnitedHealth and Aetna are using home-based employees to handle tasks such as customer service, account support, and appointment scheduling. Contact these companies directly for available job opportunities in your community.


Kaplan, Western Governor’s University, K12, and other virtual schools are in need of certified teachers to monitor and facilitate courses. Teachers who wish to use their skills without having to leave home can teach courses via video, monitor class discussion boards, and never have to worry about where to sit for staff meetings.

Computer/IT Services:

Apple, Xerox, and other computer-related companies are using home-based employees for web design, customer support, troubleshooting, and more. Many computer-related fields such as gaming, digital design, and computer repair are also excellent choices for work-at-home positions.


The Internet has expanded the opportunities for such administrative positions as appointment setters, virtual assistants, staff schedulers, and more.

Working from home offers the freedom and flexibility that a traditional position rarely affords, and it is a benefit that many companies are starting to offer to those who are savvy enough to take advantage. Whether you are looking for a career change or are simply looking for a way to use your skills and education from home, employment opportunities for home-based jobs have never been more abundant.