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30 Reasons Why Becoming an Entrepreneur Is Possible for You

Entrepreneurs seem to be in a class all of their own. They tend to be independent, highly motivated self-starters. With the variety of businesses and companies out there, it seems unlikely that all entrepreneurs are the same. After studying the characteristics of entrepreneurs, however, it becomes evident that they share some commonalities. Are you wondering if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? There are dozens of opportunities for entrepreneurs who wish to find success. See if you recognize any of these traits in yourself.

  1. They have a running list of ideas.

checklist-1643781_1280They may not all be great ideas, and not all of them may be feasible, but entrepreneurs are always adding to their list of new ideas.

  1. They are fascinated by successful entrepreneurs.

Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg, and Steve Jobs rank among their heroes, and they quote them regularly for inspiration.

  1. They are constantly in motion.

Sitting still seems like a waste of time; there is so much that could be done! Successful entrepreneurs are always looking for something to do.

  1. They see weakness in other people’s ideas.

Almost unconsciously, entrepreneurs can identify flaws in another’s idea and come up with a solution.

  1. They inwardly hate it when other people tell them what to do.

Taking orders doesn’t come easily to entrepreneurs, and if given the chance, they would prefer to get their work done without someone looking over their shoulder.

  1. They take things apart, just to see how they work.

No appliance is safe: toasters, coffee makers, washers, and dryers all fall victim to the investigations of the entrepreneur.

  1. They are disciplined in their work habits.

Without outside influence, entrepreneurs set routines and schedules and stick to them.

  1. They are voracious readers.

readingEntrepreneurs are constantly learning, and they love to read accounts of other successful entrepreneurs.

  1. They love to learn new things.

The topic doesn’t matter—just the experience of learning and exploring excites and inspires an entrepreneur.

  1. They take on challenges.

Unfazed by difficult circumstances and problems, entrepreneurs take on the biggest challenges and find ways to succeed.

  1. They know risk is a normal part of life.

Entrepreneurs don’t take risks unnecessarily, but they are more likely to take a chance on an idea.

  1. They’ve never met a stranger.

In short, entrepreneurs make a habit of talking to people they don’t know. They see meeting new people as a chance to discover new ideas, possibilities, and connections.

  1. They don’t consider failure fatal.

Successful entrepreneurs embrace failure as an opportunity. They know that there is validity in learning from their mistakes, and are they experts at regrouping and starting over.

  1. They like to be in charge.

Calling the shots is their preferred method of working, and they enjoy being in the spotlight.

  1. They are goal setters.

target goalSmall, average, big—size doesn’t matter. Effective entrepreneurs love to set goals and then celebrate their achievement.

  1. They delegate.

An entrepreneur who wants to succeed realizes that one of the most effective ways of reaching their goals is to enlist the help of others. They designate responsibilities for others and engage them to work cooperatively toward those goals.

  1. They are planners.

Every detail of an activity is planned, minute by minute.

  1. They are competitive.

Even the simplest activity can become a contest—they can’t help it.

  1. They negotiate everything.

Almost like a game, everything is open to negotiation. Salaries, prices, rental agreements—these are all potential victories in the negotiation battle.

  1. They refuse to waste time.

Video games, social media, and other productivity killers have no appeal to entrepreneurs, who have precious free time to begin with.

  1. They are always in a state of upgrade.

There is always something to improve or replace. This applies to cars, houses, and more.

  1. They prefer logic over emotions.

Most entrepreneurs trust their rational decision-making skills over their emotions.

  1. They make sacrifices.

Entrepreneurs understand that by giving up things today, they’ll have greater success tomorrow.

  1. They never give up on their dreams.

success goalsEntrepreneurs are dreamers. They take their dreams seriously and are always working toward them.

  1. They are addicted to new technology.

Entrepreneurs are typically early adopters of new technology, and they are constantly looking for new tools to help them achieve their goals faster and more efficiently.

  1. They lose track of time.

When pursuing a project or something they’re passionate about, entrepreneurs can easily lose track of time and find that hours have seemingly flown by.

  1. They are great persuaders.

Entrepreneurs can compel others to join them in their pursuit of a dream.

  1. They are calm in a crisis.

In a moment of need, entrepreneurs are able to think logically and clearly about what must be done.

  1. They can see potential.

Entrepreneurs are able to see the potential in people and can put them in the right position to succeed.

  1. They never let an opportunity pass.

Smart entrepreneurs will follow up with a contact to take advantage of opportunities that are presented to them.