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More Than Survival: How to Create a Thriving Business at Home

After starting a business, entrepreneurs may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of decisions that have to be settled. However, if new business owners are not careful, the excitement of starting a new career can quickly give way to routine and boredom.

Wondering how you can make your entrepreneur’s journey more than just a job? Is it possible for your “work at home” job to thrive? Here is advice in several key areas for entrepreneurs who want to push their businesses to the next level.

On Starting Out

  1. Skip the Fancy Equipment

home officeIt’s tempting to think that you “need” a matching desk and credenza set to properly start your business. However, in all honesty, your old kitchen table and some metal filing cabinets would work just as well.

Instead of rushing to the nearest office supply store and maxing out your credit card to set up your new home office, head to your garage/spare bedroom/basement to see what you already have. Invest your money into making your business a success: producing quality products, providing excellent service, and developing a profitable company.

  1. Make Money Fast

Look for business ideas that will be profitable quickly. Try to develop a company that requires little start-up capital and starts making money right away. Have an idea that will pay off down the road? Put that plan on the back burner until you get an established revenue stream. Not only will earning money immediately bolster your confidence, it will help you pay for some of your long-term ideas.

  1. Use Deductions Wisely

Home office expenses can be used as tax deductions, but they are frequently mishandled or misapplied. In some cases, expenses such as office rentals or business trips may also be deducted. Consult with a tax professional or CPA to ensure that you are taking advantage of available tax breaks that you are eligible for as a home-based entrepreneur.

On Making Sales

  1. Pick Up the Phone

Despite the prevalence of social media campaigns, the telephone remains the most successful sales tool. Emails, instant messaging and other forms of communication are effective, but nothing can compete with an actual conversation. At every stage of the sales process, a phone call can make the difference between a shopper and a buyer.

  1. Leave Your Comfort Zone

Making a sales pitch can be one of the most nerve-wracking experiences an entrepreneur must face. In order for a business to succeed, however, someone has to make sales, and generally that someone is the entrepreneur.

Practice giving your pitch to friends and family members until it becomes second nature and feels natural. You may not ever love selling, but at least your business will grow.

  1. Build a Network

networkInstead of using social media as a sales tool, prioritize your time on social media for being social. Connect with experts in your field, key contacts that may inspire you, customers who are enthusiasts for your brand, anyone and everyone who can help you generate interest and traffic to your business should become a part of your network. Network up by finding individuals who could mentor you as well as down by finding people you can encourage and assist.

On Connecting

  1. Be Authentic

There are enough automated services; be authentic with those you come in contact with. They’ll appreciate your transparency, and you’ll appreciate the ability to relate to your network. Personal, authentic relationships build business and create long-term customer engagements.

  1. Look for Common Ground

Find people who are searching for the services or products you offer. In years past, this could be difficult and include placing ads in the local paper or on the radio. Now, thanks to the world of social media and the internet, it is easy to place ads and find others who share your interests. Find ways to work together for success.

  1. Listen

The world is full of people who have more experience, more education, and more perspective on starting a business and making it a success. Listen to the advice of others that may be able to help you avoid mistakes, increase sales, and grow your business.

  1. Ignore the Irrelevant

Not all advice is beneficial. Ignore suggestions that aren’t valid for growing your business. Listen to what your gut is telling you. What works for some may not work for others, and ultimately you are the final judge on what your business may need. Don’t be afraid to disagree with some of the advice you’re given.

The journey to success can be filled with challenges. A successful entrepreneur, however, can use those challenges to create a business that thrives. Instead of simply enduring from day to day, a thriving business allows the entrepreneur the freedom to enjoy every step of the journey, no matter what challenges they may face. Start your journey to success with one of these work at home ideas.