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Easy Start-Up Ideas that Don’t Break the Bank

Looking for an easy way to start your own business? These low-cost ideas can get you on the path to entrepreneurship with a relatively small initial investment—sometimes even less than $100. Try one out today!

  1. Consulting

Do you have expertise in a particular field or area? Put your experience and education to work for you. Establish your own consulting business offering your services to others. You will need to spend time networking and marketing, but you can work from home.

Costs: Computer, Internet connection, business cards

  1. Tutoring

tutorStudents of all ages need help with their studies. Put up a flyer at your local college, advertise on Craigslist, or advertise your services at the public library. Word of mouth and referrals are the best way to grow this type of business.

Costs: Flyers, business cards

  1. Freelancing

Freelance work is available in almost every field, thanks to the Internet. With a computer and a modem, you can find work as a web designer, writer, translator, or data entry professional. One of the benefits? You can work from anywhere, anytime. Take advantage of freelance websites that offer job postings and support boards.

Costs: Computer, Internet connection

  1. Handyman

People are busier than ever. Offering your services as a handyman can be a lucrative business if you are able to tackle the jobs that others don’t have time or experience to handle. Highlight any special skills or trades you may have experience with and advertise at local libraries, on office posting boards, or at community centers.

Costs: Business cards, tools

  1. Personal Assistant

Just as busy people are willing to pay for handyman services, they’re also willing to hire someone to take care of tasks like grocery shopping, picking up the dry cleaning, walking the dog, or making travel reservations. If you love multitasking, being a personal assistant could be a great option.

Costs: A car, smartphone, business cards

  1. Organizer

officeDo you have a knack for organization? People need help organizing their homes, garages, and offices. Start by asking friends and family if they need help, and ask them to spread the word to others.

Costs: Website, business cards

  1. Blogger

Have a way with words? Bloggers can use their wit to earn money as a product reviewer—you’ll get paid to provide your opinion on a product. If your blog gets enough traffic, you can also earn income by putting ads on your site. Another option is affiliate marketing. When visitors to your site click on an affiliate link, you earn a percentage of their sale.

Costs: Computer, Internet connection

  1. Social Media Consultant

Managing and maintaining a social media presence is a full-time job. For many companies, it’s better to hire an outside person to handle their Facebook, Twitter, and other accounts. If you’re savvy about social media, creative, and organized, look for freelance opportunities to start in this business.

Costs: Computer, Internet connection

  1. Website Resales

The Internet has opened a range of new business opportunities for people. You can cash in on this by flipping websites. It is possible to buy a website, build it, and sell it. Use a service such as Flippa to find out how.

Costs: Computer, Internet connection

  1. Graphic Design

graphic designDo you have an eye for design and skill with graphic design software? Freelance design sites such as Fiverr offer a marketplace for designers to sell logos, website design, and other services.

Costs: Computer, graphic design software, Internet connection

  1. Upcycling Furniture

If you’re crafty, repurposing and upcycling furniture can be an easy business to start. Look for furniture at flea markets, garage or estate sales, and consignment shops. Sell your repurposed items online, at your own garage sale, or through consignment shops.

Costs: Supplies (paint, sandpaper, etc.), furniture, business cards

  1. Content Producer

Companies need text content for websites, blogs, email blasts, and other marketing collateral. Many companies look to outsource the creation of that content to freelance writers. Look for writing opportunities on freelance websites or contact companies that may need a writer.

Costs: Computer, Internet connection

  1. Airbnb Host

Have a vacant room in your house? Rent it out via Airbnb. Put together a sightseeing guide for your area and offer helpful tips and ideas for visitors.

Costs: New bedding, towels

  1. Holiday Decorator

Many people want their homes and offices to be festive and decorated for the holidays, but have little time to trim the tree, string up lights, and hang garlands. If you love the holidays and have a creative touch, offer your services as a holiday decorator. Want even more money-making opportunities? Offer to take down decorations after the holiday is over.

Costs: Business cards, flyers

People often think that starting a business requires an enormous initial investment of time and money. But if you’re looking to start your own business, or if you’re simply trying to find ways to make some extra money, one of the ideas above can get you started at a relatively low cost.