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19 Blogs That Every Entrepreneur Must Read

The most successful leaders are often avid readers. If you’re looking for inspiration, motivation, or just information about being a more effective entrepreneur this year, here are 19 of the best blogs you can read.

  1. Entrepreneur on Fire

John Lee Dumas began his blog, Entrepreneur on Fire, as a podcast and blog. During his show, he interviews successful entrepreneurs such as Seth Godin, Brian Tracy, and others. For people seeking inspiration, this is a must read.

  1. The 4-Hour Work Week

Tim Ferriss’ business marketing blog is an excellent resource for marketing and branding ideas from some of the top companies in the world. He evaluates successful companies and finds out what makes them work, giving you an insider’s perspective on how to make your company great.

  1. Jeff Bullas

Do you need ideas on how to make social media work for your company? Jeff Bullas offers the tools and tips you need to become an expert on harnessing social media.

  1. The Entrepreneurs Library

Packed with business lessons and tips, along with a weekly podcast, The Entrepreneurs Library is an excellent resource for those trying to build a brand. One of the best features of the site is a library listing of books about entrepreneurship that will help encourage and inspire you in your business journey.

  1. Startup Savant

Filled with information, ideas, and plans for entrepreneurs looking to host a start-up, this site is a great resource for businesses of all sizes.

  1. Marketo Blog

If your company is struggling to engaging customers, you should check out the Marketo Blog. Through a customer-focused approach, every company can find creative ways to connect with both new and existing customers.

  1. Duct Tape Marketing

Are you an online entrepreneur trying to hold your business together? Duct Tape Marketing offers strategic ideas on social media use, content creation, and customer engagement. Customer service and digital marketing ideas are the central focus of this valuable resource.

  1. Neuroscience Marketing

Using cutting edge science to analyze and predict customer behavior, Neuroscience Marketing offers insights as to why your customers act the way they do. With the best of behavioral science behind your marketing efforts, your customer engagement strategies will be better than ever.

  1. Women on Business

Written specifically for women entrepreneurs, this is one of the top resources for female business owners on the Internet. On this site, you’ll find blog articles, news tips, and other helpful information.

  1. Copy Blogger

One of the oldest content marketing sites, Copy Blogger began in 2006, and it has since grown exponentially. Referred to as the bible of content marketing, this site is jammed with tips on every aspect of marketing and digital content creation.

  1. Suitcase Entrepreneur

Interested in becoming a nomadic employee? Natalie Sisson’s blog is packed with tips on how to work while you travel, and it gives advice on how to build an online business that allows you to fulfill your dreams of seeing the world.

  1. Chris Ducker

A regular contributor to The Huffington Post; Forbes, Inc.; and The Business Insider, Chris Ducker’s blog is a fascinating look at building a company from the inside out. Written in an easy-to-read fashion, this blog is entertaining and educational.

  1. Blogtrepreneur

Want to start a business as a writer? The writing team behind this blog combines their two passions in this educational blog.

  1. Peter Shallard

Known as a shrink for entrepreneurs, Shallard focuses on the mental aspects that are necessary to become a successful entrepreneur. He helps people to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and become the best business owners possible.

  1. Frugal Entrepreneur

A clearinghouse for entrepreneurs, this blog collects documents and tools that can be used for free by small business owners, saving them time and money. If you need to track inventory, create an employment application or any other business document, check out this resource first.

  1. Jot Form

Another documentation resource for entrepreneurs, JotForm offers you digital sign-up sheets to start (or maintain) an email marketing campaign. JotForm has tips on all forms of customer communication and delivers it in a clear, concise format.

  1. Startup Professionals

Entrepreneurs who want to increase their networking skills or who are looking to jump-start their businesses can find multiple articles to help encourage and educate on the Startup Professionals website. From information on securing a loan to ordering inventory, this site has a wealth of topics.

  1. Serial Marketer

Encouragement can often be found in the success stories of other entrepreneurs who have travelled the same path that you’re on. You can find businesses of all shapes and sizes on this “how they did it” site.

  1. Jim’s Marketing Blog

Considered one of the pioneers of digital marketing, Jim Connolly combined decades’ worth of information and tips into one handy resource. If you need a tried-and-true idea or want to see something new and fresh, this is the place to look for marketing ideas.

This year, commit to reading each day. Even spending 15 minutes on a blog can give you motivation and inspiration, as well as help you move to the next level in your entrepreneurial journey. No matter what type of business you’ve started, there are multiple resources available to help.