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10 of the Best Apps for Entrepreneurs

If there was ever a time to be an entrepreneur, the digital age is it. The ever-growing inventory of technological innovations features tools that enhance the ability to connect, boost productivity, and ultimately save time – all things startup owners can benefit from.

Because launching a new business also means starting a new, unpredictable schedule, entrepreneurs should consider utilizing the following 10 apps to organize their time and simplify their responsibilities:

  1. Evernote

evernote logoThe Evernote app features an elephant as its logo to remind users of its ability to remember everything. It keeps track of notes big and small, as well as pictures, receipts, and other documentation.

Plus, its basis in the cloud allows for storing and accessing information from all of your devices. Evernote offers different levels of service that can tailor to the storage and administrative needs of the entrepreneur.

  1. Pocket

pocketlogoOn any given day, an entrepreneur will likely come across a variety of business articles or news stories that are of interest. Some of these might hold ideas that help with brainstorming and problem-solving, but their potential value doesn’t always mean there’s time to get to them right away.

With Pocket, business owners can store the things they want to read for another time in a single consolidated location. The app works with many types of devices, so users can save and open their items at their convenience, even if they do not have an Internet connection.

  1. Slack

slacklogoFrom the early stages of a business onward, organizing internal and external communications is key to productivity. The Slack app connects everyone you need in one place for emailing, sending instant messages, and sharing files. In addition, its robust search feature enables users to quickly find what they need.

One company survey revealed that Slack helped reduced the number of internal emails and meetings, resulting in a more than 30 percent increase in efficiency. The app also ranks as one of the fastest-growing B2B tools on the market.

  1. Audible

audible logoSome of the most important literature an entrepreneur can read comes in book form. As time and circumstances may not always permit reading for extended periods, one solution is the Audible app.

The company provides a large inventory of audiobooks, and users can download as many books as they like each month. With a set of headphones or speakers, Audible listeners can then gain access to the knowledge they want on their own schedules.

  1. Accompany

Entrepreneurs looking for a digital assistant should consider the Accompany app. Once installed, users grant access to their email account, mobile calendar, and any social media accounts they wish, and then the app goes to work by pulling up relevant information from the web to help prep for meetings and phone calls.

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  1. Buffer

bufferlogoNew business owners may not yet have the resources to employ a customer relations management (CRM) group. Because a significant amount consumer engagement takes place on social media, one cost-effective alternative in the meantime is the Buffer app.

This program allows people and companies to schedule their social media activity for optimal effect. Users simply decide what to post, and Buffer determines the right time for it to go live.

  1. Salesforce1

salesforce1logoSalesforce1 grants new flexibility to entrepreneurs, as it houses consumer and business information in a single mobile app. With this tool, startup owners can check the status of their sales or marketing efforts right from their phones. The app further enables business leaders to make important decisions and adjustments while on the go, instead of having to wait until they reach the office or boardroom.

  1. Hemingway

hemingwayappThis productivity app bears the name of the famous novelist, and it helps users achieve his succinct writing style. Business owners inevitably have to write a variety of pitches and reports, and Hemingway steps in help improve every communication.

The app highlights grammar and spelling issues. It also catches unnecessarily lengthy or complex phrasing, giving entrepreneurs an upper hand in their written interactions.

  1. Square

squareappNew businesses need an effective way to conduct financial transactions, and the Square app is a viable option. With this digital tool, startup owners can swipe cards or enter in manual payments from any distance.

The app charges a small percentage of every purchase, but it accepts all major card companies. Additionally, the latest card reader processes cards with chips. Square also offers countertop stands for tablets, converting them into portable transaction machines.

  1. Toggl

togglappThe developers of Toggl understand that one of the most effective ways to manage time is to simply keep track of it. With this app, entrepreneurs can measure exactly how long every task takes to complete, and with this data they can decide how to shave off time unnecessarily spent. Toggle enables users to categorize the projects they measure by billable hours, product development, and anything else imaginable.