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14 Ways That Entrepreneurs Can Boost Their Social Media Platforms

First-time entrepreneurs can relate to the learning curve involved with launching a new business. Once the concept is in place, then there’s the task of figuring out how to spread that idea and ultimately acquire customers. Add in the factor of a limited budget, which is the case for many budding startup owners, and the process can easily overwhelm anyone.

One of the best tools for cash-strapped businesses to use is social media. Through the distribution of content, this approach can single-handedly address the brand awareness and lead generation needs of a small company. Even so, developing familiarity with this strategy presents a learning curve of its own.

Because entrepreneurs need to focus on more things than just their marketing methods, it can be helpful to have a few tips on what types of content to publish and promote on social media.

  1. Video is king

Videos on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are perhaps the most effective forms of content to share with social media followers. Marketing with digital video has become so popular that companies collectively spend more than $8 billion on it every year.


  1. Show people how to use the product

One popular video form is the how-to or tutorial. These short clips can demonstrate the simple function of a product or give an inside look into a new way of using an item, one that consumers may not have thought of before.

  1. Link to your blog

When building a website, many entrepreneurs include, or should include, space for a company blog. Social media, in turn, serves as the perfect vehicle for publicizing blog content. Simply post a link on Facebook, Twitter, or any other platform.

  1. Throw it back

Another trend in social media involves posting videos or images from the past and giving it the “throwback” title or hashtag. For young companies, this might include sharing a picture of the first dollar earned or the day the office officially opened.

  1. Share inspiration

Posting quotes is a great way to add personality to a social media page and engage with those who view your content. People who share your interests will more likely be drawn to the company, and more often than not they will repost the quote, which expands viewership.

  1. Trust the numbers

Entrepreneurs should leverage statistics to their benefit. If the data says something important and is relevant to your business, share it on social media.


  1. Offer freebies

Giveaways are not necessarily innovative, but using social media platforms to promote them is. Holding contests drives page visits, clicks, and likes. And in many cases, contest and prize winners will post about their good fortune on their own page along with a thank-you link to the business.

  1. Test people’s knowledge

Like websites, social media pages excel when they drive traffic. One way to attract attention and keep people coming back is to post a trivia question and put some type of time limit on the answers. This approach can simultaneously teach the community about your industry and generate leads.

  1. Engage with photos

Just like video, pictures can go a long way on social media sites. Some photos will depict the company logo and its products or services, but entrepreneurs can take it to another level of personalization by sharing pictures of happy employees or a behind-the-scenes look at the business in action.

  1. Request feedback

When it comes to consumer feedback, social media delivers. Entrepreneurs simply have to ask a question, and their followers will offer an answer. This also yields a second benefit: it helps the buyer feel valued for their opinion.

  1. Ask random questions

In addition to feedback, general questions work well on social media. Twitter, for instance, has a feature that allows users to poll their followers. Another example is to post a fill-in-the-blank question and then engage with responses.


  1. Relay the words of others

Similar to asking for constructive criticism is sharing customer reviews. If someone really loves your product, ask them if they mind you sharing a few of their words or a video of their experience.

  1. Give news updates

Any time something changes, whether it is growth or a new milestone, entrepreneurs should start thinking about how they want to share it on social media. These platforms are designed especially for updates, so take advantage.

  1. Repurpose old posts

A great backup on a day where you might not have any ideas is to simply repurpose an old post. Maybe it was a picture or a video that pulled a lot of likes and shares. Post it again with a small edit or twist and let it bring in more traffic.